matt Join us for our 2018 ICD Meetup! We're going to the Science Center!  matt

On Friday Evening (4.6.18), we'll be heading to the St Louis Science Center's First Friday event! This month's theme is Muppets! We'll meet at the giant satellite dishes near the main entrance at 5:45PM (rain location: outside the entrance to the Omnimax) so that we can go get tickets (don't worry, they're free!) Then the fun begins!

From 6-10, we'll be hanging out at the Science Center, seeing special exhibitions and special presentations on the theme of the evening! At 10PM, we'll be heading to the Omnimax Theatre to watch Muppets: The Dark Crystal!

So join us, won't you, for a night of fun, community, science, and Muppets!

Again, the event is 100% FREE (from the parking to the movie!), and it's gonna be a blast! By the way, if you're going to be running late, and you're not already part of our GroupMe group chat, post in the comments below, and Joe will get you contact information and/or get you into the group chat!

 towerUPDATE (4/1) tower

Since this is a large, busy, sprawling event, we're going to want to travel in a pack here.

Itinerary of events:
545PM: Meet at the Satellite Dishes outside the main entrance (rain location: inside, by the main entrance to the Omnimax)
6PM: Get tickets (all later events require [free] tickets), then explore the exhibits
7PM: Planetarium Show: The Sky Tonight [Planetarium]
8PM: Caseen Gaines: "The Art and Magic Inside The Dark Crystal" [Omnimax]
9PM: Episodes of "The Muppet Show" [Planetarium]
10PM: Film: The Dark Crystal [Omnimax]

If you do decide to break from the group, use the itinerary to find us!