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Fighting yay

But this is about cats. So any of you who read this other journal may remember that a few months ago, we adopted a cat from a rescue in Dallas. Dimitri is a Nebelung cat who quickly decided that I was his human. He follows me around, sits in his cat tower at the window next to me on days I work from home and sleeps next to my head. He's pretty great. Here he is stealing my pillow:


Jennifer, however, is very jealous that the cat likes me best. When we decided to get a cat in the first place, we decided after much research that a Russian Blue had exactly the temperament we were looking for. So we got on a waiting list with a breeder of Russian Blues. We were a bit impatient. So we ended up adopting Dimitri pretty quickly after that. Now, about 5 months down the line, Jennifer was getting impatient again. Dimitri loves me and is a little stand-offish at times with other people, including her. She wants a cat who wants her to pet them. So a couple weeks ago I started looking at local animal shelters/rescues for a cat that would fit her criteria. That's where we found this girl:


on Friday March 9th we went down to the local animal shelter and adopted her. Her name is Katya, and she is friendly with everyone including the kids. So that's nice. I assumed at this point, two cats in, that we would remove ourselves from the breeder's list, but Jennifer said she wanted to stay on it. 

We took Katya to the vet on Monday the 12th to get her all checked out. We'd been keeping her separated from Dimitri until then in case it turned out she had anything contagious. The doctor said she was in heat and had an ear infection from ear mites but that we should let the two cats interact anyway because if one cat in the house has ear mites, the other one is going to get it. So we set a date to have her spayed and went home to introduce them.

They don't get along super well. Dimitri is a little bit of a bully to the new cat on the block, and Katya is very timid, always retreating when he starts to follow. I thought maybe he was trying to play and she just wasn't interested. He is less than a year old, and she's 2 according to the pound, though I'm not sure how they determine that. Mostly he just follows her. There's a little hissing on occasion from either of them, and twice we've seen him walk up to her and smack her on the head. She just leaves. 

So we introduced them after her vet visit last Monday. The next day, Tuesday the 13th, we get an email from the breeder. They've had a new litter of kittens, and if we still want one, we can have him in May. Jennifer says yes, absolutely. So in a couple of months we're going to have 3 cats. 0-3 in less than a year. That's kind of fast.

Yesterday I take Katya to the vet for her spay appointment. They weigh her, and she's almost a full pound heavier than her first appointment. I was like, wow, she must be living a lot better here than she was on the street or at the pound to be gaining that much weight that quickly. 

Today I go back to pick her up, and the doctor explains that the surgery went well. He says, "I had to make a slightly bigger incision than usual because she was pregnant, but I'm sure you knew that." No, no we did not. "She was pregnant?" "Yes, very advanced actually. Probably about 2 months." When I leave I Google cat gestation period. 64-67 days. So if he was right on the two months, she could have had those kittens pretty much any time. Jennifer is outraged that they didn't call or anything to say, hey, by the way, your cat is pregnant, should we continue? I'm not thrilled either. Basically I feel like I just paid to murder a bunch of kittens. Which, not a great feeling, if you were wondering. 

Anyway, she's back home and seems to be doing ok. The kids love her because Dimitri is scared of them and won't often let them get too close, while Katya is happy to sit in their laps and be petted. I think she must have been someone's cat before ending up at the shelter. Because she's very chill. 

Anyone who has advice on having 3 cats around or helping cats get along with each other better, feel free to chime in. Anyway, that's what's been going on here. How's everyone else?