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Magneto levitates by manipulating the metal on his own body, and Aang laughs and sends himself into the air on his glider by manipulating the wind. Magneto sends nearby pieces of metal flying at the boy, but in classic airbender fashion, Aang just slips out of the way of everything. The young air nomad isn't carrying any metal on his person. So nothing for Magento to latch onto. The Avatar leads the master of magnetism a merry chase through the skies, until he lures him close to a body of water and changes tactics. Aang drops like a stone into the water, and when Mageto approaches to look for him, a pillar of water bursts up over him and then freezes, trapping him into a block of ice. Aang wins.

Black Canary starts out the fight with her signature Canary Cry, but Harry reacts quickly, raising a sonic barrier between them. The soundwaves dissipate completely on contact. Harry quickly counters with an invisible lance of force, knocking her off her feet. As she leaps back up in one fluid motion, Dresden closes the distance and baseball swings his wizard staff into her head, knocking her out cold. The wizard takes it.

This round

Link vs Vin


Link is the legendary hero of Hyrule and very multi-talented. He beats up giant monsters, solves ancient puzzles and rescues princesses. Recently he's even become a mean cook. He's got the Master Sword, a powerful blade imbued with mystical evil-banishing powers. He's also got the Hyrule shield and his loyal steed Epona.

Vin is a mistborn, the most powerful of allomancers. A mistborn can burn any of the allomantic metals, which makes a trained mistborn practically an army in and of themselves, and Vin is one of the best. For those not familiar with allomancy, an explanation is necessary. An allomancer swallows certain metals, and then burns them inside of their bodies to imbue them with different powers depending on what the metal is. Iron and steel allow an allomancer to detect and then pull or push on nearby metal objects. This lets them travel quickly by pulling themselves toward metal or dropping metal (like coins) and pushing off of it to soar through the air. It can also be used to push a piece of metal into (or maybe through) someone else. Tin enhances the senses (which can be good and bad). Pewter gives the allomancer enhanced strength, balance, speed, endurance, and the ability to ignore pain. Zinc and brass let the allomancer manipulate the emotions of others. Some much rarer metals allow the user to do things like manipulate time in small bubbles, but the only super metal Vin ever used was atium, which allows the user to see a few seconds into the future, and thus anticipate the moves of their opponent. Vin is also an expert with a dagger, though as an allomancer she has to be concerned about carrying metal when facing other allomancers. So her dagger will be made of glass or stone, which makes it brittle. 

Mr. Stay Puft vs The Flash


Mr. Stay Puft was a corporate mascot for marshmallows until he became the enormous Avatar of Gozer, the Traveler (thanks, Ray). He's a 112-foot tall behemoth made of marshmallow, and he's evil, crushing innocent humans and churches with equal disregard. He's kind of slow and lumbering, but he's also very tough. The ghostbuster's proton packs singed him some, but were ultimately ineffective until they crossed the streams to close the doorway that allowed Gozer into our world. If not for that he might never have been defeated.

The Flash is fast. Like really crazy fast. He's a hero, wise-cracking, fun-loving and just stupid fast. That's kind of all there is to him, really.

Pick one winner from each round.