But I don't know how I want to implement it medium wise.  I want to make it an episodic experience, so perhaps as a web motion comic might be the best solution, but I also want it to be somewhat interactive.  I have thought about using RPGMaker MV or Twine to make it various degrees of a point and click adventure game, or as an interactive comic/visual novel, but am unsure how much effort I should put into this idea.  A cool thing would be to make this animated, but that would take way too long and is probably way out of scope.  Furthermore, as I am using the structure of Dan Harmon's Story Circle, I am worried about how using a game engine will effect the structure of each "episode" of the game, to the point where I am wondering if I should make it a "Machinima" and use the engine as an animation suite for the game.  IDK, I will come back to this later tomorrow or Saturday and give an update after I finish the character profiles and have a bare bones pilot script done.  Let me know what you guys think!