There are lots of dreams we remember and also those we forget. I think of it as my brain is just running through every thought in my mind and fleshing them out, almost like a series of simulations. Some are good, bad, scary, and wonderful. I say wonderful compare to good because sometimes you feel like a dream crosses over the space of reality. Idk not to get too crazy about it, but sometimes its nice to process a dream after you wake up. This morning i had a dream that was wonderful but it left me feeling lost this morning. Lost in the sense that it made me realize some things that were missing from my life or at the very least are attainable if I try to do things differently. Lately I have been feeling like there needs to be some changes for the better in my life and I think inadvertently this is my way of processing those thoughts. 

Lately i feel like, there is a lot that I can do to improve and enjoy my life more, but it in some ways overwhelms me with the myriad of things to do. I want to take things one at a time, because I just want to move forward. Wow that was vague, anyway what i just wanted to share is that I want to move forward and I just need to learn to do it in a way that doesn't overwhelm me. 

I feel a small sense of catharsis wrtiing this, I dont know how often i will do this but i want to try and put my emotions to words in a place that seems normal and relaxing, i always forget this place was also a social site for the community