Man I can still remember watching the 1st season of RvB in the in the AV room of my Jr. High library... Go in early in the morning on a Friday start the download and after school it would be ready to watch in HQ (a whopping 360p, 480 if you had a computer that had quicktime) a year later we got a CDR drive on the Computer and I started taking the episodes home to watch again... and again and again... Till I learned The EB Games started carrying the Seasons on DVD!!!
I watched then so much and my friends and I would recite the episodes in class when bored, so all the time. 

So weird to think how much this one show changed my who life and caused me to gain so many friends from all over the globe

I don't think I could ever thank Burnie, Matt, Geoff, and Gus enough for everything that they have done to Create RvB and by proxy everything else Rooster Teeth has made that people enjoy from P.A.N.I.C.S and The Strangerhood to RWBY and Camp Camp

So as it's also Easter this April 1 I will forgo a drink of scotch to honor the day and instead I will have a chocolate alcohol bottle

Here's to at least 15 more years!!