As I mentioned in a previous journal, I am currently working on a new project, and I have decided to work on this as an episodic adventure/rpg game.  However, as most users of this site would be my intended target audience, I would like to do some "market research" and get your opinions on certain subjects.  First of all, I would like people's opinions on when it is appropriate to release episodes of an episodic game. For the purposes of this poll, there are really only two options, an actual set schedule once the episodes are done, or releasing the episodes as they are done. There is a third option of releasing when the majority of the episodes are done and trying to beat the deadlines, but that seems unfeasible and quite frankly would inevitably lead to delays, disappointments, and pointless internet drama. 

So please participate in the poll, and if you have any other comments on episodic games please comment below.