There are weeks where everything works exactly as planned....and some weeks you are lucky if the lights even turn on.

With adjustments coming to Broadcast and new items coming in, I get nervous and check equipment over and over to ensure things run as planned. Some of these are outside of my hands and therefore have to hope everything falls into place as planned. That didn't happen.

  • New Fiber Line - used to transfer files between systems FASTER than basic connection
    • Transfers fast.....but not as expected under current gear so POST is not thrilled  frowning
  • TriCaster for Conference room streaming - To help boost quality and ease of small room streams we ditch a laptop for our TriCaster Mini
    • Gave it to Nick and 7 minutes before his stream is supposed to start the machine crashes and won't reboot  cry
  • Laptop for Video Playback - We had to use a nearby laptop to playback a video for commentary
    •  When all the cast arrive for the read the laptop freezes and won't reboot
  • Demo Camera to be new OTS intro - We have a camera in demo and would really like to use to tease new OTS intro as season finale and highlight for Matt and Burnie to see.
    • Camera wouldn't fit on Ronin and handheld just wasn't stable enough making the risk of error too high. The backup RED also wouldn't work once we found out the Ronin remote wasn't connecting and the thumb controls were missing  dizzy_face

Yeah it happens. We do our best so the audience doesn't see the errors and the show isn't interrupted, and some weeks are easier than others (like when things don't break). But that is why there is always another week to fix those items and get things back in order.