I love the end of the week, it's the equivalent of a hard reset for me.  My weekend usually consist of playing games watching videos or livestreams.  It always feels like a lot of time that I have to myself, then it's all chockablock when the normal week starts again.  This is usually when I do the Off Topic Highlights editing, on the Monday towards the evening; this means I usually don't get much school work done after 4pm that day, but alas, a solution has come.

I figured out how to download video of the RT site, which means that I get to edit Saturday evening onwards.  I just finished editing the highlights for episode #124, and I'm chuffed to bits.  The only hindrance I could think is if the export doesn't work right, since the original video file was a .ts, which I have never seen before now.  This means the whole week is up for grabs for school work, which is extra important since my exams are coming up!  I kinda got unlucky with mine this year, I have 1 exam a day for 3 days, that a 10 day gap until the last one.  A little annoying, but the light is at the end of the tunnel!  I'm actually getting to go away at the end of May too, with a few of my school friends to Switzerland, which I'm hoping will refresh me!  I'm looking to get the Off Topic Highlights done during my exam time too, the only difficult week with be the week of #127 I think.  The video is exporting right now for #124, 20 minutes to go apparently.

That is all for now though,

Thanks for Reading!