Hey peoples! Just popping my head up from the approximately 1,345,433,850 projects going on to give you a quick update on Nomad of Nowhere's release schedule!

So Nomad season one is twelve episodes in total, and this upcoming Friday is episode six -- what we are calling our mid-season finale. After this week, Nomad will go dark for a little while, to return later in the summer with the back half of the season. This week's episode is a natural end to our first arc of the season, and you'll be getting some cool development and backstory on some things that raise the stakes.

In the meantime, you've got Camp Camp! A few months ago, Gray teased the fact we were working on a Blu-ray combo pack of Camp Camp seasons 1 & 2. Well, I've got an update for everyone about that: He wasn't lying! The Blu-ray exists and it goes on sale Tuesday, May 22nd! If you're looking to check out Camp Camp or catch-up on past episodes, the combo pack is a damn good option, as season 3 looms near.

Oh, and speaking of Camp Camp season 3, I have been granted SPECIAL POWERS by the marketing department that allow me to announce that Camp Camp season 3 will premiere on Rooster Teeth FIRST FRIDAY, MAY 25TH! HOT DAMN THAT'S SOON. We're all excited to be heading back to Camp Campbell this summer for some camp-tastic camp-ventures, and we hope you are too.

So to recap:

  • Nomad episode 6 is the mid-season finale (airing Friday, April 20th on FIRST)
  • Nomad will return later this summer
  • Camp Camp seasons 1&2 Blu-ray combo pack May 22nd
  • Camp Camp season 3 premieres May 25th

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