So I'm currently drinking my night coffee and putting the final touches on my novel revisions (specifically on the ending). (Also, there's a cat in my lap/on one arm and Anna is watching The Wiggles.) I'm going to be doing a "Twitter pitch contest" tomorrow for two of my YA novels.  One of them is set at a made-up con in Austin. It's a teen love story, so it's not my experience with RTX or anything. But you can sure as hell bet that, without the love, friendship, and experience that I've had with this community, this novel would not exist. It was fun to write and even more fun to return to in revisions. I tried very much to tackle different kinds of love--romantic is the main drive of the plot, but friendship and familial love are also core components. How do these kinds of love shape us, help us to go on when things get rough? Both of the novels I'm pitching tomorrow mean a lot to me, but there's a special place that the cosplay novel holds in my heart.

Tl;dr: I just want to say thank you to all you guys for being awesome. <3

(If you want to check out my pitches on Twitter tomorrow, you are welcome to reply to them and say hi! It's a contest for diverse writers, and since I'm bi and disabled it's a really great opportunity for me to let some agents and editors check out what I'm writing and see if they're interested.)