Hey everyone! The BIGBITE.BlockParty is back! We’re excited to get back on the stream with our friends at BIGBITE Media to help raise money for Saint Louis Children’s Hospital! We’re planning on checking out BlazBlue Cross Team Battle (which comes out a couple of days prior), so prepare for some awesome RWBY themed trash talk!

We have a couple of things lined up for your entertainment, and to help us meet our fundraising goals! Like last stream, the Wheel of Misfortune will be back, so be sure to donate at least $13.37, and we’ll spin the wheel and take it’s punishments for your entertainment!

Additionally, we’re giving away some PC games! It’s free to enter, but donating will greatly increase your chances of winning! Click here for the details!

Speaking of details, here’s the deets for the stream:

Friday, June 8th



Donate at ExtraLife.BIGBITE.Media

We'll see you at the stream!