Hellooo! :D Just figured I'd make an update as it's been a while! ^^;; 

For a month or so now, Finland's been going through a heatwave - 20 to 30C degrees in the whole country. In my smol apartment, this has meant a steady temperature of about 26C degrees: with an air cooler, keeping the windows open whenever possible, and then getting a floor fan, I've managed to keep the temperature more tolerable than last year. It even drops to 23C at times! 

So because of the heat, I've mostly been sleeping during the days again, from mid-morning to afternoon. I started going for bike rides as early as 4am - perfect time, because there's the sunrise and usually no other people around. XD Also been taking walks at times, and doing yoga and exercising at home whenever it's not too hot. 

Been studying, too! I have an exam on Monday, in fact, and the last one is on July 2. And from June 11 to June 15, I'll be busy with being an assistant to a Biology conference. I also got an offer to work on a rather long translation (13 pages) for the Student Union. 

And! A week ago, stepdad borrowed me one of his cars (he has 3) for the summer!!! <3 It's a Fiat Punto from early 2000's, so not my ideal car... but it's a fucking car! XD And I'm so happy just driving around... :) I have missed doing that! ^w^ All I have to pay for is gas, so it's the perfect arrangement! Just last night I spent hours driving around JKL with my best friend IRL. 

The car has a cassette player instead of a CD player... but after a friend told me such things exist, I bought a cassette adapter to it so I can listen to music with my mp3 player or phone! XD 

For some time now I've wanted to go to the beach for some swimming. It's great exercise, and I love lakes. So, despite the windier weather, at noon I went to the beach and got into the waters... it felt pretty cold at first, but!! It felt so gooood. XD I had fun. The best part?? I had the beach ALL TO MYSELF -- for a while. I just felt so much joy and gratefulness about everything whilst playing in the water haha. 

Sure, there are things in my life that still aren't "normal" or stable... financial insecurities still exist... but all in all I'm so fucking happy. My life's better than it's been in years!!!

WELL BUT. How's you all been lately?? :D