If I broke into a store and got caught, I would be arrested. If I am arrested, my children have to be taken care of by somebody. If I have no family, then that somebody is the Government. I am not allowed to be near my kids, and they are not allowed to be near me because I am being incarcerated for breaking and entering. It doesn't matter why. If I broke in just because I wanted a new cappuccino machine, or if I broke in because my children were starving...I am still going to have to argue this in the court of law because what I did violated the law.  My kids are suffering because of what I did, not because of the Government who now has to determine how best to ensure their welfare until my ordeal is complete.

So to immigration. With all of this being in the news, there is a lot of talk about "The Children." I want to state that first, "because...children" is a bad argument. It is without objective merit in the least because it forces answers that defy logic. If "because...children" is a good argument in enforcing criminal border violations, then it should also be a good argument for domestic criminal violations. "because...children" also completely ignores any facts in a case. For instance, the facility in Texas isn't just a 'prison' for children. It is a nationally accredited and Governmental certified non-profit that works hard to move these kids out of the facilities they're in and into sponsor homes, and that the security is specifically designed to keep these kids privacy. The last thing they need are hordes of journalists sticking cameras in their faces and asking them questions. 

All of this muddies the water and prevents anyone to have conversations based on the facts of the matter. It hides the root cause, which is: that border security still is an issue and that immigration reform is needed to ensure that there is a fair, common sense method of applying for citizenship/ asylum in the US; but also has strict laws for rule breakers. Things need to be done right, and the argument "but...children" has no baring on that. 

With that being said, I want to ask y'all...

If you are elected King of The US for one day, and in that one day you have the power ONLY to create the immigration policy for the US, what would you do?

1. How should people be allowed into the Country?

2. What rules/ controls should be put in place to ensure compliance?

3. What penalties would you have for people who break the rules?