I'm making it...slowly but surely I am making it through this hell alive. I finished my anthropology essay with two hours to spare and handed it in on time. One final assignment, one more essay, and it's just finals left.
After I raced up the hill to hand that paper in, I raced back down to go to work.
Today was uneventful, more training of the newbs, but apparently they got an earful because one of my more...stranger customers..came in this morning. This gentleman has asked for my card and phone number, refuses to buy anything from anyone but me, and will spend ridiculous amounts of money, then have me try everything on for him. I'm all for good customer service, but even I realize that there is something quite weird about him. In any case, he came in this morning before my shift and stomped around the department looking for me, declaring that he had "a thousand dollars to spend, where is Gina?" I hadn't seen him in a few months so I thought perhaps he had gotten bored of me. One of the new girls looked rather scared and whispered "He's loud." *hysterical laughter*
I also had a gentleman come in and tell me he was looking for a 0.7 ct diamond. for those of you unfamiliar with diamond information, there are 100 points to a carat, abbreviated in that decimal form. That means he wanted a 70 point diamond. That is pretty big for an engagement ring. Or for any ring.
He looks at some of the settings and says he won't settle for anything less than an S1- slight inclusions.
I'm rubbing my hands in glee because he's looking at $8,000 dollars before taxes for the most plainest of plain. We're getting to the nitty gritty of the sale details, when he tells me he wants a platinum setting.
The long story short is, I lost a MINIMUM $8000 sale, because a 0.7 ct, clear, colourless diamond, in 18k white gold just wasn't good enough.
*le sigh*
In the tradition that there always seems to be a picture or two in my journal, here is the only real pictures I have of my pretty, shiny straight hair (I have naturally curly hair, this is SOOO exciting for me.) And LancerEVO's dog again, he pops up everywhere.