I just found a new band, and I really like their stuff!

Most of it isn't on spotify (from what I could find) but I'd like to talk about some of my favourite of theirs!


This track has a real Indie feel at the start of the song, giving me crazy Life is Strange vibes.  It progresses into more heavy guitar towards the end with mad bass playing throughout.  Their is a live version of the song that I honestly prefer over the studio recording which is here!


The track changes time signature multiple times throughout the song, giving the band the genre of Math(s) Rock, something that I honestly haven't heard to much of.  I really to like this track which has actual vocals in it, rather than Finger which was totally instrumental.

All the instruments accompany each other really well in my opinion.  The change-up at the middle of the song is REALLY brilliant.


I don't know how many times I can say that it's just really high-quality stuff.

I do like my fair share of foreign music, since it gives me the opportunity to focus on how good the instrumentation is since I can't understand the vocals.  It's the same here, where they are from Taiwan.  I recommend everyone to give foreign music a shot, you never know what you might find yourself liking!