Hello Rooster Buckeyes!  
I am writing to let you know that I am stepping down as the lead Admin for our happy little Rooster Buckeyes community. The opportunity to continue my education across the country presented itself, and I am chasing the chance. 

It is my pleasure to hand the reigns over to Phil Wolter, who oversaw our Extra Life efforts the past two years. He is a great fit and familiar face in our community and I can't wait to see how we continue to thrive under his leadership.

I, of course, have a list of sappy thank yous, so hang in there. First, to all of you. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me on this wild ride. I have enjoyed my time enormously, and can't think of a more inclusive, engaging, and loving community on the interwebs. To everyone who came to an event, responded to a survey, and liked a post, you're the best, and you are what make this community unlike any other.

To Liv, who founded this fan group, thank you for trusting a complete stranger to share in and grow your vision.

To Phil, Brian, and Alex, thank you for taking the Extra Life bull by the horns, going above and beyond in everything you do, and always explaining the technical side of things to me just one more time, and doing it with a smile.

To Fabian and Jeff, thank you for making sure Rooster Buckeyes is truly a state wide group, for always answering my 1 am Facebook messages, and for making this group a home for all Ohio Rooster Teeth fans.

To Jenni, thank you for attending my first ever event, and making me feel like this was something in which I could succeed. Your laughter and kindness that night still makes me smile.

I will still be around the group, still creeping in the streams, and all that fun stuff. I love you all. Thank you. 

Heart You, 

Megan <3 <3 <3