Admins from over a dozen groups have come together with all their collective knowledge from RTX's past to present RT World's Ultimate RTX Pro Tips. Whether your a newbie or a veteran, there is fantastic information here for you! This 5 post series will be posted every Sunday throughout July 2018, leading straight up to RTX Austin.

Part 1 Important Things to Have & Bring

Top 11 Things to Keep With You at All Times at RTX

11. Your Badge - you literally can’t get in without it.
10. Emergency Contact Info - ideally it would be laminated but it should be written down so if someone finds your bag they can get it back to you, or if you’re in trouble your friends know who to contact.
9. Pain Killers & Band-aids - You’ll be on your feet a lot, having some Advil, or your pain killer of choice can take the edge off. Band-aids are handy in case of blisters or minor injury
8. Hand Sanitizer - you are touching a lot of things other people have touched. Con Crud is real, stay healthy.
7. Something to collect autographs on - wandering around you very well may run into RT Staff and YouTube Personalities. If you want an autograph, they’ll need something to sign. Maybe a small book, a poster or a postcard, think small and light. 
6. Cash - In case vendors can’t take cards for whatever reason, to pay back a friend for lunch, or in cases of emergencies. 
5. Deodorant - travel or normal size. And reapply every time you go to a restroom (or every few hours, whatever comes first.)
4. Sharpies - black and silver minimum. Test them out before you pack them.
3. Snacks - Healthy is better. Choose things that can really tide you over. Good options are KIND granola bars, trail mix, and bagels stolen from your hotel’s continental breakfast (hey, they’re free!) Gum and mints is good too!
2. Phone, phone charger & portable battery - You can get spare batteries at most electronics stores and maybe even some drug stores. Check all things before you pack them to make sure they work.
1. Water. - You cannot go without this. You will be active, it will be hot, and staying hydrated keeps you safe. We suggest getting a reusable water bottle (rather than a disposable one) and refilling it all weekend. Write your name on the lid. Keep it handy. We aren’t kidding. Bring water.

Other things you might wanna bring, if it suits you
Lens cleaner - if you wear glasses because going to cold air from hot air will fog them up
Portable Card games -  a great way to meet people and socialize in lines and keep you busy.
3DS or Switch - Street passes and impromptu Mario Kart tournaments.

Top 5 Things You Should Pack or Stock Up On Before RTX

5. Appropriate Con Wear - You’ll be walking, wear comfy shoes. Check the weather, see if it calls for an umbrella. Consider bringing a hat and sunglasses if you plan to spend time outside. Think it through.

4 Cough Drops, Vitamin C, and Travel First Aid kit - This will keep you from getting sick post-con and are handy if accidents happen.

3. Two sets of clothes for every day you’ll be here - half way through the day changing your clothes makes a big difference, especially changing your socks! You’ll feel fresher, rejuvenated, your feet will feel better, and your fellow con-goers will appreciate it too!

2. Snacks just for your room - this is the bigger stuff. Also, maybe check a head of time, see if you have a fridge, maybe get some stuff to make sandwiches. Catch a cab or ride share to a grocery store when you land to get some healthy options for the room.

1. Sunblock - Put it on at the beginning of the day and again if you go back to your room throughout the day. You’ll be going between buildings, and some events will happen outside.

Come back next week for more RTX Pro Tips! Our next post will be about how to Stay Safe at RTX and Critical Apps to Download Before You Go.