Admins from over a dozen groups have come together with all their collective knowledge from RTX's past to present RT World's Ultimate RTX Pro Tips. Whether your a newbie or a veteran, there is fantastic information here for you! This 5 post series will be posted every Sunday throughout July 2018, leading straight up to RTX Austin.

Part 1 Important Things to Have & Bring (7/1)

Part 2 The Best Apps to Have on Your Phone & Staying Safe

Apps to Download Before You Go

Before we go any further… The RTX App  - It will update maybe a week or two before the convention with the new schedule and new information, but it’s a MUST HAVE on your phone.

Twitter - Follow at least RTXEvent and RTXLines. And turn on notifications if you have the data/text plan to handle it.

Google Maps - download the downtown Austin area to your phone so it'll be accessible to you offline.. You can bookmark places you wanna go, and save things like your hotel address.

Lyft (or your favorite ride share app, but we’re partial to Lyft) and set it up before you go.

Discord, Groupme, Whatsapp - Some app that lets you stay in touch with your group, roommates and/or community.

Credit Card Company and Bank Apps - this lets you keep an eye on your money. (Pre-loaded cards sometimes have an app they can use too, if you use one of those!)

Paypal and Venmo - these are money transfer services and are very handy and fast for paying back friends for food, hotels, merch, etc.

Other apps that are fun and/or useful to have - Pedometer, Weather app, Space Team (a local multiplayer game) and other games you can play without internet.

Keys to Staying Safe at RTX

Your Phone - Keep it charged. Learn about safety features that are on your phone by default (For example, if you have an iPhone with iOS 11 if you push the power button 5 times rapidly it will auto-call 911 for you. )

Stranger Danger - Yes, you can make great friends at RTX, but if someone is doing things outside of your comfort zone, don’t go with them. Listen to your gut/brain/heart/conscience/ Jiminy Cricket.

Your Path - Know how to get back to your hotel room. If you’ve gotten turned around look it up or ask a friend to look it up for you before you start wandering. If you start to venture too far use a ride sharing app to avoid walking through areas you aren’t familiar with. Don’t get lost staring at your phone walking around. The east side of Interstate 35 is the sketchy part of town, better to just avoid it.

Your Possessions - Keep your Switch, 3DS, credit cards, and other high value possessions close by and know where they are at all times. If you keep your wallet in your pockets and not a bag or purse, keep it in your front pocket.

Drink Water - Yep. It’s back. The safest thing you can do is stay hydrated to help you stay alert when you’re out.

Checking In - If you have family or friends who is not at the convention, check in with them on a daily basis (especially people you live with, like your parents) they’re probably worried, and they will appreciate an update on how things are going, a nice text, or a selfie from your adventures that day.

The Buddy System - If you’re going out after hours and not to an RTX event, bring a friend. Don’t have a friend? Make one before hand! Having someone to check in with is a must. At the very least, tell someone where you are going and check in with each other every hour or every other hour if you aren’t at the same place. Even if you’re going out during the day, check in with a friend/roommate every so often to make sure you both stay safe. And occasionally call and say words, don’t rely on texting for all safety check ins.

Come back next week for more RTX Pro Tips! Our next post will be about the best panels to attend, and things to do and places to eat around Austin.