What is your philosophy on a "good" resume? I have been looking through dozens of these lately. I am developing a preference, but I'd like your thoughts. Here are mine:

I've noticed that people tend to hide deficiency with detail. The less a person knows about something, the more they pile on to distract a lack of experience. 

It hurts my head to constantly switch font sizes, colors, weight. I prefer simple resumes that keep a standard form with good spacing and margins. 

I know that it is 'common' knowledge that the quality of paper is important, but I'm finding myself growing tired of the faux 'yellow' resume paper, and I would prefer that someone had just printed it on cheap copy paper. 

I like cover letters, but if you are a weak writer, please get someone to proofread. Sentences like: "Many words describe my energy and commitment. Some words include, engaged, knowledgeable, team player, and most importantly, a leader" are distracting. I love commas, but, that, is , excessive. Know how lists work ('and most importantly' is just dropped in the list and it makes it awkward. 

Follow instructions.  If the posting requires you to provide something, don't waste my time looking through your packet to find you didn't read the directions.

I'm really not looking for "Perfect" but please give me your best work.