We are less than two weeks from RTX and we are getting some ideas for the broadcast panels. What would you like to know or hear from Broadcast? We will also be bringing some specials clips never seen before and BTS angles (maybe some with comms so you can hear what is going on during the production).

Here are the two panels to submit your questions for

  •  - RT Broadcast: What the Tech just happened (August 3rd @ 12:30pm - ACC Meeting Room 6)
    • General Broadcast Topics
    • Tech and Configurations
    • Daily Routines
    • Crew
    • Storytime of when things went wrong
  • - RT Broadcast: Making Extra Life Extra Special (August 4th @ 10:00am - ACC Meeting Room 6)
    • Planning for Extra Life
    • Stages
    • Moments
    • How to pull off 24 hours of streaming
    • What ever else Nick comes up with

Let us know what you want to hear from the broadcast team and get excited for RTX! Both panel's are first thing in the morning so great way to start off your days!

See you all soon!