Well, seeing as it's been 6 months since I've posted a journal, I figured it's time to touch base, and with RTX only a week away, no better time than now to get back in the swing of things.

Many of you are going, many of you aren't.  Those that are, I hope to see you there!  Those that aren't, it's ok.  There will be plenty of opportunities to go in the future,

AAAAND you can watch every panel on Mixer this year!

This year, I'll be on two community panels.  I'm both excited, and terrified, but here's where I'll be:

RT World - How To: RT Community

Friday - 4:30pm

Room 8 - ACC Level 3

The OCC - How To Have Discussions on the Internet

Sunday - 12p

Room 8 - ACC Level 3

I'll also be at the RT World Community BBQ at Zilker park on Wednesday at 2p. Yes, all are welcome. There may be some food and drink, but you should bring your own just in case!  And advice for a life-long Texan:  2pm in August is hot.  I mean, really hot.  We'll try to provide some shade and some water, but we can only provide so much.  Bring sunscreen as well.

Every year, the Oxford Comma Cafe (The OCC) has a yearly meet-up dinner.  For 2018 we were able to secure the upstairs area at Frank, on Friday night from 7-9pm.  All are welcome.  The only side note is that Frank no longer has wait staff at tables, so you will have to go to the bar to place your orders.  

My RTX app code is RZKB.  If you run into me at the convention center or at the events, don't be afraid to say hi.  If you're on a super tight budget, and are skimping on a lunch...don't.  Food and drink are essential at cons, particularly one in Texas in August.  So, if you find yourself needing a slice of pizza so you don't avoid skipping a meal, I'll gladly spot you.  

A couple of other tidbits IMO to make the con fun for you and others around you:

1. Bathe.  Con funk is a real thing.  The Texas heat can really ripen folks after a long day of walking the show floor, around downtown, so when you go to your room each day, take 5 minutes to hose yourself off and throw on some deodorant.  Be respectful of others sitting in line next to you.  

2. Be respectful Part 2.  Don't be an ass to people in line, walking the floor, etc.  You're not entitled to anything that anyone else with a badge isn't entitled to.  I've seen people treat others in a disrespectful manner because they are younger, smaller, older, bigger.  Just don't.  

3. Stop asking for a job!  This one is a big one because at most panels I go to, the talent will mention at intro to please refrain from asking for job, yet there is always some ass that has to be "that guy".  Don't be that guy.  It's not your opportunity to call your shot.  In fact, it signals a glaring issue that you can't follow instruction, thus----sorry, the HR Director in me just got wound up really tight.

4. Get to know the community.  Like the OCC dinner, Sidequest events, the BBQ on Wednesday, etc. etc., there's a growing list of community-based events that are usually open to the public.  Take the time to get to know what could become friends in the RT community. If you're young, see it as an opportunity to practice on networking skills, if you're older, see it as an opportunity to mentor someone younger.  On top of all that, the RT community is a friendly community...so get the fuck out there and make some friends!

5. Respect the Guardians.  As someone who has volunteered in the past and has many friends that still volunteer, respect the work they put in to this event, the advice and instruction they give you, and please, don't give them shit.  They put in 10+ hour days during the show.  Showing a little appreciation goes a long way with these guys and gals in terms of the morale once the convention is over.

6. Austin.  If you're staying downtown, map out some of the landmarks you've heard about and create a basic plan of action.  If you want to explore the city, DO IT!  There are so many things to see and delicious places to eat outside of the downtown Austin area. Take an Uber to the Domain to walk around, get a group to share a car to the greenbelt for some hiking, go to South Congress and visit the shops, head to the UT campus or the State Capital where there are dozens of Pokestops!  If you want suggestions on great little spots to dine or shop around town, don't be afraid to hit me up.

In preparation for a week off, I'm putting in a ton of hours this week at the office, so please excuse this journal if it feels a little disjointed.

Anyway, I hope to see you at RTX and here's to another fun year!