Hi anyone,

It's ya boi Dustin. Back again from another long long long pause from using the RT journals. You're probably thinking...

Hey. I don't see you a lot. Did you leave to your actual home planet or something?

Short answer: no. 

Long answer: I have been busy and focusing toward other great experiences and horrible moments. To pinpoint where I left off from my previous journal, I have to talk about some personal stuff. Before I went to Seattle for Pax West 2017, I had a nervous painic attack, which sent me to the ER. Basically the anixiety and depression tiped the scales in favoring me to fall apart. I tried to take a non-paid leave from work, going to therapy, taking myself out of that environment (which at the time wasn't perfect) and build back my confidence. Three months later after my leave ended, I returned to work. It wasn't the best feeling. I was crying, still depress and feeling out of place. After a couple of days, I did something I think to this day was best for everyone: I quit.

I didn't give two weeks notice, I told my boss's boss and HR I was done and leaving. Some good and horrible stuff came about making that decision, but I felt I needed to get the hell out. Months went by. Holidays, a birthday, and a lot of therapy sessions. The good news from it was doing new stuff. I lost my recent dog, Bo after being put down due to liver cancer last May. My family was in the process of looking for a new pet, because we really missed him and for me, having someone to be around the house. Trust me: the first couple of months home and not employeed sucked being alone at home. Anyway, I decided to volunteer at a dog rescue which as of last March, we adopted a new puppy. He's cute, but is teething like a bastard.

During that time volunteering and getting back on my feet, I started to do a couple of new things.

- I started doing more freelance video work: I even have my own business cards!

- I stream on twitch! my channel (I enjoy it as a hobby)

- I got a new freelance job, working with an NHL team!

The important thing is that I don't post much here, because I focus more on my career and health right now, thanput in the time being on the internet. (Except for Twitch, RT, and Outlook for emails). I get older, the less I want to spend time posting stuff here. I want to have experiences, meet new people, and be happy. I'll have to update some things here on my profile, so I'll be back.