...It's  something I've been doing with the site lately. I keep remembering how invested I was when I was in my late teens/early to mid 20's. I keep trying to think as to why I stopped posting journals here, it's where I met a lot of the friends I still chat with to this day, just on different platforms. I think really that's what did me in. I was attracted to new and shiny things (Twitter, Facebook). 

 It's not like I didn't like RT's design or way of reaching people. I just fell in line with the rest. Really regret that. It's nice to be able to share stories here or check others opinion's without being hit with some random and unnecessary social, religious or racial argument being stirred up for no reason. 

 It's also the only place I know where I can literally have a stream of consciousness when it comes to writing something. I don't second guess or think about what I'm going to type up next. I just write just as if  I'm having a conversation (only difference is I'm not dropping an F-bomb every fifth word). 

 Now to segway!

 While reminiscing, I realized something and I don't know if anyone else was the same but back when I was heavily involved with the community (slowly creeping my way back in), I used to think  a status of "wealth"m around here was by having a SHIT TON (see there's the vulgarity) of friends list. Maybe it just some naive goal to demonstrate popularity since in my actual life I wasn't one of the "cool kids". Which on a side note I wish I could pimp hand my younger self for thinking  like that. WHO THE FUCK CARES! Just be you you fat lovable long haired freak!  

 Anyways, did anyone else used to or still think like that or do you feel like just having friends you  actually want is good enough on here?