That's a lot to unpack in a title, huh.

Since Day 5 season 2 wrapped last summer I've been freelancing around Austin in whatever I can get my hands on. Commercials, series, live shows, movies...PA, camera, accounting, location manager...I've touched it all bow chicka bow wow. I've spent a lot of time with RT, mostly in broadcast. If you've been around for On The Spot you already know this, especially if you've been in the audience for the Hell season! Being able to work with that department has been fantastic; that group works harder than most people will ever know, and the amount of effort that goes into making all your favorite shows happen (especially live ones) is incredible. I'm super enjoyed my time with them, and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of so many different productions with them.

Anyone who has lived that freelancer life knows the ups and downs of what work you have (and don't have) is stressful, and that instability and irregularity makes any sort of life planning nearly impossible. I love all of the opportunities that path has afforded me, but I'm too much of a planner to have that be a sustainable lifestyle for too long. In the last few months I've been looking for more full-time work, and last Monday I started a new adventure over in RT's animation department!

I've joined the incredible team working on gen:LOCK as a layout coordinator, and while this is a temporary gig (I'm just here for a few months, not actually staff yet!) I'm excited to be able to contribute to what will be an amazing show. Seriously, what I've seen so far? I'm pumped. You should be pumped too. Especially if you're going to be at RTX

And speaking of RTX, this is going to be my first year in...I don't know, several, that I'm not working. That means you can actually find me! And say hi! And it won't be while I'm sprinting past you! I will of course be spending most of my time around the animation festival, but I'm sure I'll be floating between all of the buildings throughout the weekend. I'm really looking forward to actually getting to experience the convention again and have real conversations with friends and the rest of the community. 

If you're coming to RTX, safe travels! Drink water! Eat real food! Talk to people and make new friends! Listen to the Guardians! Say thank you to people who make the stuff you like! HAVE FUN!