We are working through our end of RTX clean up (and taking time to recover), but wanted to share our final numbers with everyone.  With 355 tickets purchased, and 400 people attending, we have been able to raise enough through ticket sales, our auction, and the booth to be able to donate $16,000 to our charity partners this year!!!

That's right. The 2018 SideQuest Community Weekend raised $16,000 for our charity partners!  Our goal every year is to bring together the community for fun and to raise money for Extra Life, Able Gamers, and Operation Supply Drop.  We are so grateful for all of our attendees' donations and time, and hope that everyone had an amazing time at our events.  We are working on getting the pictures together from all three nights, and will post again when we've put them online.  We'll also be sending out a survey soon so we can know what worked and what didn't.  We will be gearing up for more events in 2018, including during Extra Life weekend, and hope to see you all soon.

Here is a quick break down of numbers for everyone who might be interested in this amazing weekend.

Attendees: 355 tickets purchased

Donations to give in 2018: $16,000!

   Money Raised (auction, tickets, booth): $33,000

   Events Cost (rental, merch, etc): $17,000