I've been trying to write this post for a week now but man time has become a scarce commodity. I'll tell about that in another post though. For now I'm on a treadmill and frankly I don't know when else I'll be able to do this. 

This RTX was a weird one for me. It took me until Saturday afternoon to be okayish with not having anything I had to do. Until then i constantly felt like i was forgetting something; being on the floor without having a mission is something I haven't done in several years. This time I could just...exist. Which is something I have a hard time with in my regular life anyways. At some point the anxiety subsided and lemme tell you how much I love all your faces.

This year I was actually able to talk to people. No more saying hi for 8 seconds as I'm running past them. I had actual conversations. With a lot of you. Some of you for the first time in person! How crazy is that?! And hugs! We had so many hugs! Being able to reconnect with the community and friends was amazing, and I'm so happy that we were able to have those moments. 

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who went to the animation mega panel and promptly lost their shit at the gen:LOCK things we showed. I had already seen them, but I went to the panel to see you see them. To witness a couple thousand people have that kind of reaction to a thing I get to help make is a feeling I don't think I will ever have words to describe. I cannot wait til you get to see the finished product...it's shaping up to be a thing y'all.

A second huge thank you to those who came to the Layout panel and got to see what my team does and what goes into making shows like RWBY and gen:LOCK happen. Bonus points for going to the demos they did on the floor where they showed how these shots happen in real time. I am fortunate to work with these people every day and learn from them.

And finally a third massive thanks to everyone who put community events together during the con. I didn't get to all of them (note to self: next year invest in a time turner) but I hit as many as I could. That includes panels! RTX is for the community, and you guys doing what you do is why it gets to exist. I know how much work goes into creating and maintaining the sub-communities, and I appreciate the hell out of everyone who takes on those roles. 

It'll be a year until I see most of you again, but until then I'll see ya around the internets