I know I said this last year, but this years RTX experience was the best I've had! It is always so wonderful meeting new people and/or having familiar faces say "Hey Daniel!". I have got so many wonderful memorable moments from RTX (I went as a Platinum Badge holder), which began on Wednesday for me.

As I got into Austin for the weekend, I was met by a RTX digital banner at the airport that Michelle from the Design Cave/crew worked on, which was really cool seeing! I then headed to my hotel & got checked in. The rest of the afternoon consisted of getting some food, chilling out & seeing & chatting with Adam Baird, Megan Castro from Sales & Tim Goessling from Marketing. It was so wonderful seeing & chatting with them! Was a really good start to my RTX weekend.

Thursday was my official start of my RTX. I headed over to The Coop about an hour before it was open. While waiting in line I got to meet Elliott (Ghostelliott), & see John (Emalfognik/Kingoflame) and Arnold (Murderofbirds)! As always, it was so wonderful seeing & chatting with them in person! After a while, I was able to go in & grab some stuff: 2 RWBY Hoodies, a RWBY shirt, A RWBY Hat, RWBY Bandana set, & a Wes Ellis print (Barbara Dunkelman). While in there I met Wes Ellis, Nathan (Marketing), Tony Simonetta & Josh Bailey from the Design Cave, & Frankie (Sr eCommerce Manager)! It was so, so wonderful meeting them all! On my way back, I bumped into Bethany Feinstein. We had a wonderful chat about RTX weekend & the Coop & got a pic. Always wonderful seeing Bethany & the Events team! I stopped by the convention center to pick up my RTX bag & headed back to the hotel. After putting the stuff I got at the Coop in my hotel room, I decided to chill out in the hotel lobby til it was time to head to FIRST Night at the Paramount that afternoon/evening. While chilling, I saw & chatted with Brian Reilly from RT Games, Chad from Screw Attack, Texas Dela Rosa (Always Open/Bartender/Makeup Artist), & Brooke Olson (recruiter for RT, I believe). All so wonderful to see and meet! Then it was time to head over to the Paramount for FIRST Night. This years FIRST Night was a screening of a bunch of upcoming shows from Live Action: Achievement Haunter, the new RT Doc "Waiting for the Punchline", "the Weird Place", "Hardcore Tabletop", & Arizona Circle". Everything that was shown was so entertaining & awesome and I am so looking forward to all of those shows! Before the screenings, I saw & chatted with Bethany again & met Amanda (RT's Social Media Manager) & Maxie (RT's Social Media Coordinator). Also got to chat with Dan Hirons (Editor- Blood Fest). After the screenings, I was able to see & chat with a couple of the people who worked on a couple of the shows shown: Hannah McCarthy (Producer/Writer - "Hardcore Tabletop", "Waiting for the Punchline") & Jessica Vasami (Associte Producer - "Arizona Circle"). it was so wonderful seeing everyone & chatting! I then headed back to my hotel to end Day 0 of my RTX weekend (I also happened to bump into Josh Flanagan [Writer/Live Action] and Alex Leonard & Laurin Crozier from RT Animation!) .

Day 1 of RTX 2018 was finally here! I headed up to the convention center round 9 AM so I could head into the Expo Hall for Platinum's early access. When I was able to head in, I headed straight to the RT Store. I was able to get to get almost everything I wanted (had to come back for a few things that weren't out yet): RTX 2018 shirt, Blood Fest shirt, Yang Japanese RWBY shirt, RTX Exclusive RWBY Flat Figure, Day 5 Blu-ray, Always open Sticker, & Belle Tee and the La Vie Mockneck Top from the Barbara Dunkelman Collection! While in the Expo hall I bumped into Mariel Salcedo (Always open/Broadcast), Amanda and Maxie again, Stan Lewis (Editor - RT Animation), as well as Andrea Capriotti, Ian Kedward, & Cesar Altagracia from RT animation. It's so wonderful getting to chat with all of them! After wheeling around a bit, I had to head to my first signing of the weekend: Arryn Zech & Kara Eberle! It may have been brief, but it was so nice to see Arryn & Kara again! After my signing I headed over to the "Women of Rooster Teeth" panel with Doreen Copeland (Live Action), Yssa Badiola (Lead 2D Animator - RT Animation), Barbara Dunkelman (Director of Community & Social Marketing), Sophie Turcotte (PR Manager), Bethany Feinstein (Head of Events), Frankie (Sr. eCommerce Manager), Anna Hullum (Voice of Raven Branwen in RWBY), & Chelsea Atkinson (Community Manager for RT). Really loved hearing them talk about what they do at/for RT & what it's like being a woman in the industry. After the panel, I had a wonderful chat with Chelsea Atkinson. Then I headed back to the Expo Hall to wheel around for a bit. While heading in, I had a brief hello & hug with Melanie Stern (Recently became an Assistant Lead Animator on RWBY!). Stopped by the RT Store one more time & was able to pick up few more things: New Always Open shirt & Always Open Print (with Barbara and Mariel). Also picked up my RTXclusive RT Box & picked up a copy of RT Comics #1 by Luke McKay! Later that evening I was on my way to the screening & Q&A for Blood Fest! Before the movie started, Barbara Dunkelman came over to say hi to me as she was walking by. It is always so wonderful chatting with & seeing Barbara! After a brief chat & a couple pics, Blood Fest started. Watching Blood Fest with a thousand or so RT Community members made it so fun! Whenever someone we recognized came on screen, the entire theater erupted in cheer! Blood Fest was so entertaining & fun, had had the right amount of Horror/comedy mix, & the cast and crew killed it! (I am really looking forward to seeing it again in a theater on August 14th! After the movie was done, the Director & some of the cast came on stage to do a fun Q&A. After that was done, I went back to my hotel to end my first day of RTX 2018!

Day 2 of RTX 2018. I decided to head on over to the convention center first thing in the morning. After getting in, I headed to the Expo Hall. Once inside there, I bumped into Grace (Zonbi) & Adam Ellis (Gilby). It was really wonderful seeing them both! After wheeling round a bit, I headed to the Always Open panel. Ever since it became an RTX panel, Always Open has been a must see in-person for me! This years panel (With Barbara Dunkelman, Elyse Willems, Jessica Nigri, Mariel Salcedo, & Texas Dela Rosa) was so hilarious & entertaining AND had a proposal from an audience/community member! After the panel (and chatting with Texas a bit), I headed back down to the Expo Hall. As I wheeled around I was able to bump into: Owen Egerton (Director - Blood Fest), Michael Lindblad (RT Broadcast), Ritzplays (Twitch Streamer), Ray Narvaez Jr, Tyler Coe, Cole Gallian, Larry & Kent (from AH Post Production), Marcus Laporte (Production/Set Designer - Art Department), Max Kruemcke (Art Director - Art Department), & Patrick (from Broadcast)! I was so awesome seeing so many wonderful people! After wheeling around a for bit, I headed to my second signing of the weekend: Bethany & Texas! It is always so wonderful chatting with them whenever I can! After the signing, I headed back into the Expo Hall for bit to pass the time. Almost immediately, I bumped into & met Anna Hullum! It was so wonderful getting to chat with & see Anna. a bit later, I headed back to my hotel & got some dinner. After dinner, I chilled out a bit in the lobby before I had to head over to the Jeff Williams concert. As I was chilling, I was able to meet & briefly chat with Ellie Main (The Lab). It was so wonderful to finally meet her! A while later, it was time to head to the Jeff Wiliams concert at the Moody Theater (ACL). One of the best nights I've had started out with Jeff Williams getting myself & one other person into the VIP area & Q&A! Was really nice hearing Jeff & Casey answer questions from the Community members ho were there! After the Q&A, we were allowed to grab a poster signed by both Jeff & Casey! After that, I got back in a spot up close to the stage. While we waited for the show to start, The Community members who were there sung aloud songs from RWBY, RvB, Linkin Park, Queen, & quite a few more! it was a truly amazing experience. After a while, Ritchie Branson (Rapper/Camp Camp) came up on stage & sung a few of his songs. Really loved Ritchie's performance! After Ritchie's set was over, Jeff, Casey & co. came up on stage. Just like 2016, their performance was SO, SO AMAZING! Being a part of a couple thousand + Community members singing along to RWBY songs from Volumes 1-6 was just so amazing & wonderful! Getting to experience that from front row made that experience even more memorable! The concert lasted until midnight, but the energy I got from it made me not as tired. I headed back to my hotel with another memorable concert over.

Sunday AKA last day of RTX 2018. Panel wise, it was my most filled day with the RWBY panel first, then the RT docs panel, followed by the Events Team panel to finish off the weekend. I headed over to the convention center first thing in the morning for the RWBY panel. Once inside the panel room & found a spot, I had a bit of time to just chill. As the panel room was filling up, I was able to have a chat with Melanie Stern. It was wonderful getting to chat for bit before the panel started, & I congratulated her on becoming an Assistant Lead Animator for RWBY. After a bit the panel started.The RWBY panel had Lindsay Jones, Paula Decanini, Gray Haddock, Kara Eberle, Miles Luna, Barbara Dunkelman, Kerry Shawcross, & Arryn Zech (from left to right). I have to say, everything that was shown at the panel was so amazing, cool, & exciting! I am really looking forward to RWBY Volume 6, as well as gen:LOCK! After the panel, I had another wonderful chat with Melanie. We talked about how amazing everything was, & asked if she worked on anything shown, which she did! It is always so wonderful getting to chat with Melanie. After the RWBY panel, I headed back into the Expo Hall for one last trip around it. While wheeling around, I was able to meet Jack Pattillo, Patrick R. from RT Animation, & Brian Ardt. When I went to wheel around the hall of the convention center, I bumped into Caiti Ward, Rachel Doda (Story/Layout Artist - RT Animation), & Gio Coutinho (Lead Rigging Artist - RT Animation). it was so wonderful seeing everyone in the Expo Hall & around the convention center! Then it cam time for the RT Docs panel with Hannah McCarthy, Mat Hames, & Alpheus Media. Listening to Hannah, Mat, & co. talk about their experiences making docs was so insightful & wonderful! The RT Docs has been a favorite of mine from RT, & I am so looking forward to watching "Waiting for the Punchline"! After the panel, I had such a wonderful chat with Hannah. It's always so, so wonderful chatting with Hannah! After multiple hugs & goodbyes, it was tie for my final panel of the weekend, the RT Events Team panel with Bethany, Clarissa Gonzalez, Patrick Mathews, Nicole Wright, & Shelby Engquist. It was really insightful hearing from the events team & listening to them talk about they went through to make RTX 2018. The Events team continually brings their A game & this year they really knocked it out of the park again! After the panel was oer & I thanked the team for their work for this weekend, I headed back to my hotel to get some food & unwind from the weekend. As I was unwinding, I was able to see Jen Brown, Josh Flanagan, & Koen Wooten (Lead Producer - RT Animation) It was so wonderful seeing them to cap off the weekend.

Through out the weekend I was able to meet so many wonderful people from the community I've only interacted through Social Media. Those people are Elliott (Ghostellliott), John (Emalfognik/kingoflame), Arnold (Murderofbirds), Johannah (Horseychick119), Tanya (TanyanotZuul), Tasha (Smallspades), Jenn (RT_Lozelda), Mary (SailorTweek), Tabi (Tabikatz), Mary (MercyMmere), Abbie (RT_Abbie), Max (Agentwashingtub), Tori (ToriJCaboose), David (DJ_Paint), Dakota (Kodalovesray), & Lauren (lauren_edensor). it was so, SO wonderful finally meeting so many wonderful people & seeing some familiar faces as well! 

This ends another recap. it was truly one of, if not the best RTX weekend I've had so far! Getting to meet & see so many wonderful people & see some amazing stuff with the RT Community! My excitement for RTX 2019 started on that Thursday & only intensified as the weekend went on. I am so looking forward to being back in Austin, Texas for another RTX weekend!

Hope to see a lot of you next year! - Daniel "Wheelz08" Starrett