Hello RTX London 2018 Attendees!

We are excited to be over in London in just 25 days and see all of your smiling faces! We can’t wait for year two in London to begin.

We wanted to update everyone on Autograph Codes to explain how they work, and important dates approaching you need to know.

As a reminder, Platinum badges come with two (2) Autograph Codes, while Weekend badges come with one (1) Autograph Code.  An Autograph Code guarantees you the opportunity to reserve a spot in an autograph signing session, but it does NOT guarantee you will get into every signing you want.  There are a certain number of slots per autograph signing session and they fill quickly. So we recommend be ready when autograph signing sessions go live to reserve your spot.


22 August, 11:59 PM GMT = Cut-off date to buy a badge and receive an autograph code

24 August, 3 PM GMT = Codes and instructions emailed out to Platinum & Weekend badge holders

27 August, 3 PM GMT = Autograph Signing Schedule posted

5 September, 5 PM GMT = Platinum badge holders access to reserve

7 September, 5 PM GMT = Weekend badge holders access to reserve  

Autograph Signing Sessions


For redemption inquiries or for code assistance, please contact at tickets@rtxlondon.com. For event general inquiries, please contact info@rtxlondon.com.