I've had such a good day today, and I wanna talk about it.

I found out that the creator of my favourite show, Gravity Falls, has signed with Netflix so he's gonna be making more shows!  Can't wait from more of Alex Hirsch!

I also found out that Al Yankovic is on the Walk of Fame!  Two of my favourite people are doing great!

I also came home, and instead of going for my normal walk, I went along the local cycle path and pick tons of wild brambles, so I'm freezing some so I can have them as a snack tomorrow!  (I spend a lot on Raspberries and stuff so I'm saving some money too which is always a pluss) 

And I also got an achievement in Trials Fusion that I've been working on since the DLC came out, and I finally got it in a fluke!

I hope you have all had a great day too!  <3