Well haven't been on RoosterTeeth for a while, had to let my sub ran out and now there is something called RTFirst? Either way it isn't like many people care or not. This is just not a good social media platform and to be honest Social Media is sort of horrible over the past couple of years. Put it bluntly I don't really know anybody on this site and though I accepted a loose connection for friend (fellow Marine, Washingtonian) I am not very good at keeping any sort of relationship up. So took a look at my 115 friends and most of them haven't been on in ages (As expected). Many have had a "havn't been here in a while" as their last post, some havn't changed from the new website update. There was even a couple of leaving messages. So those that had no activity for over a year I have clicked the unfriend button and it isn't like I am abandoning them (I doubt they will notice my profile's absence). For now I have my Facebook and my friends on there have to meet 2 requirements.

1. Must be over 18 (personal family exempt)

2. Must have met in person.

RT just isn't as popular as a social media site so there really isn't anything to go back. If a friend of mine wants to link up here I'll accept a friend request but that is the only condition. Also this photo is 5 years old and I have no intentions of changing it. I'll use RT for watching videos, the animation has expanded and some might be interesting, but I doubt I will use it as a social platform again (heck I doubt this will even be read by other people). Gee is this what it is like to go back to your old MySpace page (I never jumped on that bandwagon)?