Nothing like posting thoughts about it almost two months late right? anyways it was really fun better than last year even. I still feel like they should push getting some more big name devs to show up so the con floor doesn't feel as dead and has stuff to do in-between events, With that said still more to do then last year. They had some real cool indi devs come out I got to play tunic like gg me. Alot of cool events happened; Blood fest was shockingly pretty good and all the first event stuff shown was great even though most of it is out at this point lol. I met a-lot of staff which was great. some highlights where running into Geoff, the director of blood fest was real nice and talked to me for a few ( cant remember his name rip) and I had a pretty good convo with ray which was cool to finally meet him. But the best one was my signing I got I met cowchop agian. They where legit to nice they talked to me for a few and jakob carried me around randomly which was pretty cool. I even made it into there rtx video which made all my friends jealous. Lately panles this year where great I freaked out hard when mega64 showed a verison 4.1 scene and on the topic of mega 64 freaked out when they showed up at lets play live. All the other panels I went to where great to some other ones I went to where rtaa, intering, are first films, and more I cant remember its early in the morning alright. I also spent so much money it hurts to think of but one problem I had where everthing in the rt store for the most part where over priced which was lame. So pro tip wait till the last day of rtx shirts are buy 2 get 1 free which is a good deal. and they usually have more deals. The pop up shop was pretty cool too I got a empty beer can cause Im not 21 and got a cool rt shirt with a cool design its a more skater looking one which is cool, OH also something I was disappointed about with rtx shoping this year was there was no pin for 2018 like wtf lame as hell.Over all I had alot of fun and did alot more cool stuff at the event and around austin since I had a better lay of the land. Cant wait to go again next year.XOXOXO