The time hath come to prepareth for the gameth. :dragon_face: October 6th. 2:00 - 8:00. It's going to be in Raleigh. If you're going to attend in person, let Sloan know so she can give you the address! :map: If you're not going to make it but want to play, you can join us in voice chat on Discord and we will use online dice for you. :game_die: A D&D channel will be made before the game, and the D&D tag will be required to view it. We can use it for any related content.


Character sheets: >

A how to guide for character creation: >

Bring all the D&D stuff you want. A lot of the players are new so all resources are helpful. Bonus points in our hearts if anyone dresses up.

Viadis will be DM. Let him know if you have any questions.

Join the DISCORD if you haven't! It's where we live.