Welcome to October, RTNC! We're gonna get spooked.  ghost Four weeks of seasonal movies. Four weeks of hopefully scary game nights.

 video_game We want to hear suggestions from you all week every week for our Screaming Saturday Game Nights. Know a great horror game? Is it multiplayer? Is it FREE?!! Make suggestions in the #lets-play channel on Discord and tag Rick with it. Game nights are every Saturday night in October. Times will be announced the day of. Join the Steam group: >https://steamcommunity.com/groups/RT_NorthCarolina

 tvOur movie line up for October is exciting! We're starting off with a kids movie because I know you're all actually children.


       Casper: Oct 4th                   IT: Oct 11th                   Beetlejuice: Oct 18th       Practical Magic: Oct 25th

 movie_camera Movies are every Thursday at 8pm. We will be hosting them on >https://www.rabb.it/RTNC

 jack_o_lantern October 27th we're hosting a costume PARTY with games and movies and food! Dress up and come watch Blood Fest with us! :clown::dagger: