I'm overdue for a life in general update but here's this other thing...

I may have decided to do something with plenty of time to train to get it done.  But now I'm about 6 weeks out from trying to bench press a human being and realize I should probably shift it to something else where I do definitely lift him but not in a potentially damaging way that a bench press would be given my crappy, tennis-elbow arms from larping.  

I'm really nervous that I'm not going to get it done and there is a lot of scheduling I should be doing for Extra Life as a whole.  Streaming, training and crafting should all be things I'm doing daily but I get home from work and am pretty inactive.  I'll have to force myself to go to the gym in the morning again because it's the only time I've actually done it.  Also the crafting stuff... I haven't ordered the fabric at all and I decided I wanted to make myself a full set of garb (hood, shirt, tunic pants and maybe even shoes) for the lift itself and ALSO make a viking apron dress because that same event I'm to lift a human at is a crafting competition and it's going to be hella fierce.  I should compete or people will forget I craft.  

Now that I've rambled horribly, what do you do when you're overwhelmed or having problems getting started?