I'm bored at work so I thought I might update you all on my life, and hopefully you can update me on yours as well if you want!

So a big part of my life lately has been my Mariothon. I randomly picked up Super Mario 64 on the Wii U one day because I love that game, and probably in a week I had 120 starred the game. I never finished Super Mario Sunshine on GameCube. I never even beat Bowser! How could I call myself a Mario aficionado with that hanging over my head? But I gave my GC away when I no longer possessed a TV it could hook up to easily. 

Long story short, I found a way to play it and still use a GC controller which was a godsend! I eventually passed the point where I got to all those years ago. The game is 16 years old by now! I 120 shined it, unlocked the Hawaiian shirt and the shame was lifted. But lo! A new shame was beginning to take hold. I also bought Mario Galaxy on the Wii all those years ago and never finished that either! Looks like I did beat Bowser but just never stuck with it long enough to get all 120 stars, let alone to do it all over again with Luigi to get the 241st and 242nd stars. So I got the game on Virtual Console and proceeded to systematically destroy my shame. All 242 stars, done. Luigi's Purple Coins still gives me nightmares. At this point, it was no longer shame, but determination. A quest of epic 3D platforming and awful motion controls and the pure domination of my will over them. I'd never touched Galaxy 2 before, but I heard good things. Unburdened by the shame of my past, and emboldened by my recent successes with all the prior games, I felt that I could maneuver Mario through any obstacle, so I got Galaxy 2 on the Virtual Console as well.

I now have 241 stars, and need to get 9999 star bits before I unlock The Perfect Run, which has me worried. I'm not so confident I can do this one anymore. It won't stop me from trying though. I think I'll be fine if I never do it though, but we'll see. 

Often before I make a big purchase, the idea of it lodges itself in my head. I can't shake it. Once I've imagined buying the thing, it's too late, it's already bought. So I probably knew this train was eventually going to keep going until I bought a Nintendo Switch and Mario Odyssey after I completed Mario Sunshine. So right now I'm waiting for my Smash Bros Ultimate version of the Switch to be mailed to me after it launches in a few days. I already have Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, a memory card, and extra Joycons for good measure. I'm stoked. I never would have guessed the game to convince me to get a Switch was...Mario, of all games. 

Anyway, enough of that. Other things in my life...I went on 5 dates with a girl and then cut her loose but she still thinks we're super compatible and we still text because she wants it to still work out and I'm too nice to ghost her after this. 

I had a pig roast at my house and it was great! Thirty people came. Still have tons of leftover meat.

I'm waiting to get Red Dead 2 because my Switch will be here soon. Maybe Black Friday sales! Really excited, looking forward to seeing a 4K game that was built for 4K from the ground up. 

I'm going with some friends to New Orleans in December and I'm excited to eat all the food! I went to London and Paris in June this summer and had a great time.

Hope you all have a great Halloween. See you in another 8th months when I give another update on my life. Maybe we'll have a new site by then.