First of all, massive shout out to the RT Community for your epic streams this last weekend! You guys killed it. And by "it" I mean childhood cancer and illness because you raised over $100k. I am so proud of all of you, and I was so excited to see my old stomping ground RT Michigan as a part of the official Community Stream. 

I am unable to dedicate a day to doing a solid 24 hour stream myself (genLOCK isn't going to just make itself, ya know), but will be dedicating every stream this month to the cause. I will be streaming as part of Team Rooster Teeth, but raising money for the facility I was born in back in Michigan, Sparrow Children's Hospital. In addition to a handful of raffle prizes, I also have some stretch goals in place that include me finally biting the rage-inducing bullet that is Dark Souls III. I hope you'll help support Sparrow and my impending aneurysm!

If you're watching the RT Extra Life stream this weekend, you may see me around there too. I'm mostly helping work the event, but I may be a part of some...plans.