I hate asking. 

For anything.

But right now, it's not about me. For those of you who follow me on Twitter,  see me in RT Radio or chat with me on Discord, you likely know how painful this is to me.

As of yesterday I finally was able to get in touch with all of my family who are currently evacuated due to the Camp Fire in California. 

They lost everything.

Homes, cars, jobs, clothes everything.

I dont have much to offer them but I'm doing all I can to help them get back on their feet. They can't go home right now. They have to rebuild from nothing.

So I'm asking for a little bit of help, if you can donate, awesome. But please don't feel obligated if you can't afford it. What is always helpful though is getting the word out.

So here is me trying to get the word out:

I'm raising money for my family who lost everything in the CA fires. If you don't mind spreading the word,  I'd appreciate it. Link below.


As always, thank you and I love you.