Folks! Extra Life 2018 is happening RIGHT NOW! Go to to monitor the mayhem.

Every year we have raffle prizes for those who donate certain amounts! Here are this year's and a bit of description of all of them!

$10 Tier:

$100 RT Store Gift Card -- $10.01
     It's a $100 gift card to the RT store! Buy your favorites!

Signed GenLock Poster -- $10.02
     Get yourself an autographed GenLock poster signed by the team at Rooster Teeth Animation! It's the coolest!

EA Xbox Pack with NHL19, FIFA19, Madden19 -- $10.03

EA PS4 Pack with NHL19, FIFA19, Madden19 -- $10.04

     Our friends at Electronic Arts have hooked us up with some game codes for NHL19, FIFA19, and Madden19, and you can get all three for either the Xbox or PS4 by entering in this raffle!

Battlefield V + Additional Upgrades on Xbox -- $10.05
     Get yourself a copy of Battlefield V with all the bonus upgrades! It just came out!

InkTober Art and Bendy and the Ink Machine on Xbox -- $10.06
InkTober Art and Bendy and the Ink Machine on PS4 -- $10.07
InkTober Art and Bendy and the Ink Machine on Switch -- $10.08

     We're giving out art from InkTober along with a copy of Bendy and the Ink Machine, RT Games' newest project in these amounts!

Signed RT Extra Life Poster -- $10.09
     Get yourself an RT Extra Life poster from 2018 autographed by a ton of RT staff that you know and love!

Exclusive Theater Mode: RTX Edition "Squeeze Play" DVD Case -- $10.10
     If you saw this episode of Theater Mode recorded LIVE at RTX, you know just how horrible it is! Get yourself the case, autographed by Achievement Hunter along with a special message just for you!

$20 Tier:

EA Backpack with all mainline titles (PC), EA cap and thermos -- $20.01
EA Backpack with all mainline titles (Xbox), EA cap and thermos -- $20.02
EA Backpack with all mainline titles (PS4), EA cap and thermos -- $20.03

     Get a Backfrom EA that has a pile of amazing EA titles! Like 15! It's crazy!

Boss Ross Painting -- $20.04
     Made live on the Extra Life 2018 stream! Win a beautiful piece of original art!

Always Open Set Piece and Signed Crab & Fisherman Shoot Picture --$20.05
     Get your hands ona  piece from the set of Always Open and an autographed Crab & Fisherman photo from Mariel and Barbara!

1 Year of FIRST Membership -- $20.06
     Watch your favorite FIRST shows for a year, for much less than the actual cost! Wow!

Bloodfest Script, Signed by Owen Egerton -- $20.07
     You can win an autographed script of Bloodfest, Rooster Teeth's newest movie, autographed by the director Owen Egerton!

EA's The Sims 4 (PC) Including Every Expansion Pack -- $20.08
     Do you love The Sims 4 as much as Caiti? Get your hands on a copy of the game with every expansion! So much content!

Exclusive Battlefield V Bomber Jacket -- $20.09
     I've been told Trevor Noah from the Daily Show is the only person in the states who owns one of these... maybe you'll be the second?

ASUS Republic of Gamers Accessory Pack -- $20.10

     Our friends at ASUS Republic of Gamers have hooked us up with a sick pack of stuff! Get an ROG Scabbard ( ), an ROG Strix Flare keyboard (Red Switches) ( ) as well as an ROG Gladius II Origin mouse ( ) and a ROG Delta Gaming Headset ( )It's the exact setup we're using on set right now!!

RTX Austin Weekend Passes (one pair) -- $20.11
     You know exactly what this is, it's a pair of weekend passes to RTX Austin 2019!! You know you want them.

$50 Tier:

RTX Austin Weekend PLUS Passes (one pair) -- $50.01

RTX Austin VIP Passes (one pair) This was previously mis-labeled. You just can't trust Australians.

     Oh yes, this is a next-level experience at RTX.  You want this. 

Man Who Fell to Earth poster and Harley Quinn statue by MONDO -- $50.02
     Our friends at MONDO have hooked us up with a crazy awesome Man Who Fell to Earth poster and their incredible Harley Quinn statue.  I mean, seriously, look at this thing:

Arizona Circle Pack: Signed script, cast photo, pair of pants and an honorary degree from Online University -- $50.03
     Look at this crazy awesome Arizona Circle pack! You can own an autographed script, cast photo, a pair of elusive pants, and get your own honorary degree from an Online University! Screw going to school!

Glass Marbles hand-made by Marcus -- $50.04
     Marcus LaPorte is an art genius and he is now dedicated to making beautiful marbles.  Get one of them!

PUBG Supply Crate: Backpack, collectible box, and a ghillie suit -- $50.05
     Have you ever wanted to wear a PUBG backpack while in a ghillie suit and holding a collectible box?  Now is your chance! Get one of these!

Hardcore Table Top Pack -- $50.06
     Get yourself some gear from the Achievement Hunter show Hardcore Tabletop! Collect your prize and pass go!!

#rtextralife Pack -- $50.07
     Would you like an autographed Extra Life poster and a bunch of other related #rtextralife goodies? Here is your opportunity!

Lindsay's One-of-a-Kind Achievement Hunter Inspired Sketchbook -- $50.08
     Lindsay Jones has been spending the last few months drawing Achievement Hunter inspired artwork in a journal of hers.  Now you can own it. Who knows how many cats are in this thing?

$100 Tier

RTX Austin Platinum Passes (one pair) -- $100.01
     This is it, the granddaddy.  Get yourself a pair of platinum passes to RTX Austin 2019.  Come see your favorites!

Visit the Achievement Haunter Club House -- $100.02
     Why don't you come out to Austin and visit the Achievement Haunter clubhouse when we film next Spring? Here is your chance! Flights and hotel aren't included, but chaos will be.

Visit the Off Topic Podcast -- $100.03
     Come watch the Achievement Hunter gang record an episode of Off Topic LIVE in Austin! There will be beer and shenanigans!

Rooster Teeth Stage 5 Tour -- $100.04
     Come to Austin and check out Stage 5 at Rooster Teeth. Get this exclusive tour of the studio and see how we do things at Rooster Teeth.

Visit the Broadcast Set -- $100.05
     Our broadcast team will take you around and show you the inner workings of keeping the plates spinning at Rooster Teeth!