Wow. Just absolutely WOW!

Thanks to you guys, the community, we were able to CRUSH our goal this year. We set out to raise $2,000 for the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children (we'll talk more about how awesome they were in a moment) but instead raised a total of $3,279! And yes, this includes the shirt and pin sales. We're freaking flabbergasted!

We still have a few stretch goals to do for you all.

- Make realistic Miis of the group

- Episode 2 of a Slightly Off D&D adventure

- Big Rib challenge

- Overwatch rematch with RTNY

- Hosting a Hot One-style episode

- Obstacle course challenge

- Dipshit Duos video, part 2

- RT Florida homebrew beer

- Julian gets a Jar Jar Binks tattoo.

Trust us, we're excited for that last one too!

You may have noticed during the stream we had two people come on air during the evening. That was Tyler and Stephen from the Arnold Palmer Hospital. They work with a lot of the Extra Life streamers and supports to help us do what we do. We were so excited when they jumped in and said "sure, we'll do some Gang Beasts and get our legs waxed." We'll be working with them throughout the next year to help make our streams and campaigns even better so expect to see them more often. You all have definitely set a high bar for us next year! 

Speaking of next year, we're already hitting the ground running with planning. In fact, we're even considering a third stream during the spring to kick off the new Extra Life campaign. But you all will hear more on that from us later. barbara

Don't forget, you can still donate for the rest of the year too. They don't stop counting until the last day of the year and then it starts all over again. So maybe you're feeling generous and want to help someone- feel free to help the kids of the Arnold Palmer Hospital!

We can't wait to do this again next year!


The RT Florida crew