Thank you to all the brave people who have selflessly served and sacrificed for our country. Happy Veterans Day.  us

Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream ended with a total of $1.4 million raised.  Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our own fundraising stream. We raised over $1,000 which is quite the accomplishment for a group with so little publicity. One of the things Extra Life always advocates is the discussion for “*Why I Extra-Life*”. Most people have stories about their own children going through an illness or a sibling or even themselves needing care as a child. But I want to remind everyone that you don’t need a reason to do this other than because we can. We’re people who can do something as simple as spend 24 hours having fun, and it improves the care of a child in hospital. I look forward to next year and the goals we set. #forthekids 

D&D is coming up. This Saturday, November 17th at 1pm we have the second game of the “Dumbasses & Doors” campaign. If you want to join, be sure to get the @D&D tag. Go to #bot-commands and use command !dragons to sign up. Game resources are pinned in the channel. If you’re a new player, please check that your character is okay with our DM. (This all makes sense if you join our Discord!!)

Tomorrow we’re showing The Matrix at 9pm on We will have Matrix Mondays for the rest of the month and show the whole trilogy.

We have decided to not host a Friendsgiving this month, and are working on plans for a Christmas holiday event instead.