Hello all!

If you watched Extra Life last week (wooo go team RT!!) and saw the Always Open segment, then you heard Hannah then Barbara read a fan fiction! 

I had the pleasure and honor of writing said fan fiction! It was weird and interesting and a once in a lifetime experience hearing my work being read on a live stream for a good cause!

So like Larry, the fan fiction god, here is my fan fic!

Hope you enjoy!

The Womanizer

Barbara paced back and forth inside her office. Her heart couldn’t stop racing inside her chest. She knew, deep down in her soul that she shouldn’t have bought Mariel that toy, but in her drunken stupor, Mariel looked so beautiful, and she just had to buy the toy for her friend.

“Hey, Babs?”

Barbara spun around to look at the concerned face of Jon staring at her. Running a hand through her luscious, long blonde hair, she smiled at him. “Hey, Jon! What’s up?”

It felt like Jon’s blue eyes were staring into her soul and exposing her deepest and darkest secrets.

“Well, you’ve been pacing like a cat for the past half hour, so I thought I’d check up on you.” He tossed his hair, “Is something bugging you?”

Barbara nervously laughed, “Haha no not at all!”

Jon stared at her a couple more seconds before shrugging, “Huh, if you say so!” He walked towards the door and was halfway out before he stuck his head back inside.


“Yeah, Jon?”

“Mariel was looking for you by the way. She says it’s urgent,” he says with a smile before disappearing out the door.

Barbara looked at Jon’s retreating figure. Fuck. She knew she didn’t have enough confidence go face Mariel after having given her The Womanizer.

She sighed. Barb knew she couldn’t avoid her friend and co-host forever, so she gathered her pride and walked over to Stage 5.

Stage 5 was pretty empty since it was a Friday evening and people wanted to go home to their families, pets or video games.

The sound of her boots on the concrete floor echoed loudly through the hanger as she arrived at Mariel’s door.

Raising her hand gently, she knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door.

Maybe she left for the weekend or she forgot about wanting to see me! Or she’s just busy and stuff. Gosh, I don’t want to fac-

The door swung open and a hand shot out, grabbing the front of Barb’s shirt, pulling her into the room.

Barb tripped over her feet as she tried to balance herself. Looking around her eyes landed on her beautiful friend.

Mariel smirked at her, “Hey Bimmy.”

Barbara flushed, “Hey Mural…” She quickly looked away and stared down at her feet, “Look,” She looked back up, starring her friend in the eyes, “I’m really sorry about getting you the Wo-”

Barb stopped midsentence as she saw Mariel slowly and sensually walk towards her, her iconic smile/smirk on her face. Barbara could instantly feel her face heat up, but she backed up away from Mariel.

Before she knew it, her back was against the door and Mariel was still approaching her.

“M-Mariel? W-what are you doing?”

Mariel smiled and gently caressed Barb’s cheek, “Shhh… You talk way too much Barb…”

And with that, Mariel slowly began to lean in. Barb starred intently at her soft lips as they got closer and closer to her own. Her lips were inches away from her own and Barb could feel Mariel’s breath on her lips.

Barb could feel Mariel’s body heat from how close they were together. She didn’t know what to do, Mariel’s head tilted to the side and parted her lips slightly.

Then suddenly...

All Barbara could feel was pain as Mariel sank her long fangs into her friend’s long and slender neck.

She drank deeply and watched as the light began to disappear from Barbara’s eyes and her face become pale.

After a few minutes, she detached herself from Barbara’s neck and stepped away. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looked at her unconscious friend.

“Thank you for the present Bimmy and thank you for lunch!”

And with that, she sauntered out of her office and into the warm Texas sun.