If you didn't know, I'm a huge comic book nerd.

Marvel was my go-to title, and was always a fan of Stan Lee.

He passed away today, at 95.  That's a helluva life to live.

I wanted to add this little story. Fifteen years ago, Marvel created a sublabel to encourage amateur writers to submit their ideas for a potential printing.  On a whim, I had submitted a story I had been working on for years.  I got a call back from a rep.  They liked my work, but it needed a lot of revising, mostly due to the dark tone.  After a few months of editing and concept art being drafted, they decided to move on from the project.  I do remember the last conversation with the guy at Marvel I was working with.

Me: "Hey, does this mean I won't get a chance to meet Stan?"

Marvel rep: "Kid, I work with the writing team, and I've yet to meet Stan.  That's why I still work here!"

Years later at a Comic-con, I had the chance to meet Stan, and told him the story.  He laughed and told me to keep fighting the good fight.

My life goals changed quite a bit, but I never forgot what it was like to meet the man, as he was a big influence of my childhood.

Rest easy and thanks for everything, Stan. You reminded the world that there are heroes in all of us.