What are your thoughts on the moral impetus of justice?  I think this is the crux of why we fight so much between ourselves. So lets play a game.

You have to pick one. If you believe both to be true, pick the one that you think is the most true and tell me why.

1. Economic disparity between people is immoral. economic redistribution between people is immoral

2. Treating people different because of race, sex, ethnicity, religion (etc) is immoral. Not addressing historical systematic oppression by failing to implement some form of affirmative action is immoral.

3. Choosing the good of individual over general welfare is immoral. Choosing general welfare over the good of the individual is immoral

4. Ignoring the needs of the outsider when it conflicts with the needs of the insider is immoral. Accepting the outsider at the expense of the insider is immoral.

5. Seeking justice at the expense of the innocent is immoral.  Not seeking justice is immoral.

6. Impeding individual liberty is immoral. Ignoring the collective good is immoral