NOUNsomething transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

ADJECTIVEof, relating to, associated with, or carried over from an earlier time, technology, business, etc.

What a great word for using the dual meaning of to make another introspective journal on this site. If you go to the Rooster Teeth website now, you have to click on Legacy Community from the sidebar to get here. By the law of forward momentum with regards to technology, I have no right to expect anyone will even read this. And then I read there are no plans to bring any of the data on this site forward to the new site. I don't even code and I still don't want to even imagine how much of a nightmare that sounds like to do. I don't blame them for Tabula Rasa'ing the site. @Count3D makes a great point, we have done this before. Out with the old, in with the new allowed RT to explode from the original phpBB forum. I wish them nothing but the best on the new site. 

At the same time, I feel like I should be extremely saddened by the loss of basically my entire online life for the last 15+ years. I used to say, "I've forgotten more about this place than I can currently remember." and I said it more of as a joke, and always with a sort of uncertainty as to the truth of it. But now, I'm more certain of it than ever. I've drifted away from countless friends on this site over the years. It takes an effort for me to remember everything.

Like the time Opaque got Falcon13 to write a script that enabled him to friend request everyone on the site. Or the time when some simple smalltalk with a user (who ended up creating or something like that) got my gamertag in the carousel of example gamercards on the front page. Or the time in high school when my HTML teacher yelled at me for being on Or the time when I surprised Aoina in Chicago. Or all the RT MNs over the years, from a Mall of America scavenger hunt, to 20 of us sitting in a circle in the food court together, to trying to play MCC when it was unplayable, to renting out a room for a LAN party full of Halo, Rock Band, etc. Or the time when I did the whole Sponsors vs Freeloaders machinima thing. Or the time when I roadtripped to Chicago to see Jeskid's movie screening. Or the time when Jeskid blocked me on the site for what I can only assume is my negative critique of said movie. Or the time when burnie said to email him and anyone that did, got an invite to the Halo 3 beta before it came out to everyone. Or the time when Bryy tipped me off to a Chevrolet contest that allowed me to win a copy (out of 1000) of Halo 3 before it came out to everyone. Or the time when I had a karma race against Haxx0r and we were both subsequently banned. Or the time when I had borderline OCD about downloading and maintaining a copy of all of the RvB episodes and extras on every computer I felt some amount of ownership to. Or the time when I stayed up way past my bedtime every night playing Halo 2 with CJ and Kent. Or the time when I posted a screenshot of the account deletion email and one of my "friends" decided to enter the link and delete my account. Or the time when they hit the Undo button on that account deletion. Or the time they developed a new version of the site but the beta testers all hated it and so they eventually scrapped the entire thing.

And that's all from before I took a multi-year hiatus from the site.

There's also the time when I grew really close to capnbirdman, shadowhound, and Edwin playing Minecraft and Doritos Crash Course. Or the time they removed mod points and the site revolted. Or the time they added mod points back in and by then no one really cared. Or the time when I pointed out the Pokemon thread in the forums had duplicates and that was the final requirement of being recommended for moderatorship. Or all the Destiny raids I was lucky enough to join in on and spread the Titan dance around. Or the time when I stumbled onto sponsor chat and had the highest point in my entire time at RT. Or the time when we found an archived version of the old site with the old sponsor chat, because the new one was atrocious. Or the time when I compiled a ton of screenshots of people making formatting errors in the chat and reacting to their goofs. Or the time I went to RTX in 2013, 2014, and 2015--each of which varied wildly and were all incredible for their own reasons. Or the time when I thought I would be getting my modhood back "in a few months to a year". Or the time (right now) when I found myself on some Discord channels still talking to my sponsor chat friends daily. 

And that's all from MY story. It's impossible for me to expound on YOUR story, because only you can do that. Not to mention that I'm only one person. This site has been home to dozens of us, dozens! This site has an unfathomable legacy behind it. Even just trying to imagine everything contained in the legacy of Rooster Teeth at this point might bring a sentimental person to tears, because it truly is beautiful to think about. It is a wonder to behold.

But then we get to the other definition of the word Legacy, and we realize the digital record of our legacy is going to rely on an old and buggy system being hosted here for who knows how long. The only other place it will be is in our hearts and minds. In our friendships, marriages, gaming sessions, memories, the box of cards and letters we saved from all our RT friends mailing us over the years, the Discord channels that live on, the Skype calls, the Snapchat friends, the way we move our friendships to any other technology to experience each other's love. 

The legacy of RT had to live on beyond the legacy RT system, the database that contains all our 1s and 0s. (I'm pretty sure that's how it works.) It cannot be contained, it could never be contained.