2018 ala OneNote style!

As in "I totally typed this out on my phone in OneNote while on this long-ass commute and am finally getting around to posting it"

Traveled to Las Vegas with a group of goddesses. Saw the sights, walked until my feet were mush, and got to see the majestic animals at Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden.

Attended Drag Brunch and fell in love! Also, I fulfilled a weird movie-like fantasy of sitting in a jacuzzi tub full of Lush bathbombs with the suite windows open while sipping gin at 2 in the morning because I could. I enjoyed Vegas. It was fake, beautiful, and desperate...and the food was terrific.

We did a kinda-impromptu Disneyland trip for a friend's birthday celebration. I discovered that renting a wheelchair for a day is a great way to enjoy the Happiest Place On Earth when you re-sprain your foot. Chris and I rode Guardians Break Out for the first time since the re-theme and FELL IN LOVE. Enjoyed the ride so much that we bought the hoodies! 

Emerald City Comic Con was uneventful until I got to pet a corgi wearing an Evee hoodie.

C2E2 was all about working for my friends at Zen Monkey Studios. Spent all weekend selling Rick and Morty and MST3K merch. Absolute heaven!

Was not accepted nor considered for 4 dream job-centric positions. A lot of job heartache the last 3 years, guys. It's worth mentioning because I allowed the disappointment to permeate through a lot of stuff I was working on. It affected my mood, my patience, my eating, my physical activity. and my self esteem. My soul looked like Stalone at the end of Rocky. 

A weird twist of events - we had noticed that my student loan payments had not been processing and I thought that meant that the previous company had sold the loan again. To my shock, the payments had not been processing because they were paid off. In a gigantic rush of relief, I fell to the floor and sobbed. Kids, college is brutal and is a choice that haunt you for the rest of your life. Make good choices and be true to your goals. 

I cleaned my desk 4 times and it still ends up looking like a Hoarder's Paradise.

More lessons in patience, empathy, and validating other people's feelings. Lessening of knee-jerk reactions and assessing problems calmly. These are not lessons lightly learned, but are super rewarding and makes interacting with the world around you much easier.

I was tired of everyone around me saying the phrase "I am going to start working out/eating better/taking care of myself beginning next week!" and hired a personal trainer. I did the 3 month session and it was WONDERFUL. I would do anything to go back, but this current schedule is holding my fat ass accountable to continue personal fitness on my own.

I have severely curbed my drinking. I go for months without alcohol. I still enjoy it, but I enjoy it as a treat and not as a form of sleeping aide.

Speaking of sleep, I stopped drinking and went towards CBD tinctures for sleep. I have my insomnia under some control and am sleeping better than I have in years. Some of the tinctures I use have a little THC in them, so I only take them at night. Best sleep ever and I haven't woken up in the throws of an illogical panic attack ever since. Also, I don't need it every night! 

I turned 39 and got the Gravity Falls DVD box set <3 

RTX was huge and wonderful and positively affirming!

PAX West was an absolute blast! Working for the Rooster Teeth Games booth alongside @kriss and @Cricket and @sirNARVY was such a shot of energy to the soul. Bendy and The Ink Machine was a hit with the attendees and I hope that you all have a chance to play it!

My Uncle Rob got remarried and it was such a wonderful ceremony. The man deserves all the good things.

I GOT A JOB - https://roosterteeth.com/post/51917086 - and it's fun and easy and exciting but the commute can suck an entire bag of goat farts. I'm seriously considering changing my cell phone plan to an unlimited data situation because I need that entertainment for 2 hours each way -

Ok. Depending on traffic, it's more like 1.5 hours each way, BUT STILL a gigantic chunk of my time and the evening traffic is really the fucked up factor. Getting home at 6pm to have only about 2 hours of downtime before I have to be in bed...bah humbug, y'all.

We had a huge family trip to Disneyland at the end of October and that wacky @mrarcys joined us! 4 fabulous days celebrating Halloween and a little bit of Christmas at my favorite places int he entire world! It was such a terrific and exhausting trip that I would gladly do again in a heartbeat. One of the few times I have actually enjoyed watching people in our group fight over who was going to pay the dinner check! *LOL* Good God, Lemon...I wanna go back Oh, and @mrarcys has been official adopted by the entire Frank/McDowell clan.

 @WSM was so incredibly kind in gifting me the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76! I had a lot of fun in the BETA and I am loving the power armor helmet displayed on my mantle. Fallout 76 is a hot mess of a game full of crushed hopes & dreams BUT I'm still having a lot of fun with it. Again with that whole being more patient thing. Yes, lots needs fixing. Yes, it's not a complete game. Yes, it was irresponsible for Bethesda to release the game in such shitty condition BUT I have hope that it's getting better. I've been having a lot of fun playing it with @sirNARVY. Here's hoping for more improvements to a long anticipated game. Hey...at least we always have New Vegas and Nuka World...

We were fortunate enough to see the MST3K LIVE tour stop in Seattle. I got a ton of great photos because our seats were INCREDIBLE. I can sing the praises of Jonah Ray and Rebecca Hanson all damn day. The live show was an absolute thrill! If it comes around again, I'm springing for the VIP package. The new season - THE GAUNTLET -  is a fucking scream. Watching Felecia Day and Patton Oswalt chew scenery to bits is a ray of sunshine. Great jokes, great songs, great movie choices. Overall, the season is "PrEtTy NiCe!"

Still painting my nails every week. It got a little weird trying to make room in my new commute/work schedule, but I am making it happen!

I've gotten into the habit of drinking tea every night before bed. My tea of choice: Moonlight

Other 2018 things that happened - 

Discovered the wonders of The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and fell head-over-heels in love with Disenchantment. That theme music is my JAM.

There was some bad stuff and some tears and some whining, but most not really worth typing about. I had a lot of good shit going on in my world and I want to share the good more than I want to share the yucky stuff. Now, the yucky stuff has value. We learn from it. We grow from it. It feels like it never ends, but we have to remember the good stuff. 

It's like working retail - we have neutral customers who come and go without altering our mood. Then we have the kind and grateful customers who come in and appreciate you with a "Thank you" or an "I always love this store!". But when a walking shit tornado enters your space with demands to speak to your manager or entitled declarations of being granted a magical discount or "hurry up, I'm double parked and my life is hella more important than anyone else in line"...it fucks up your day drastically. That one garbage person messes the whole vibe and we dwell on that garbage person. We forget the good people and the neutral people...maybe because the news never focuses on truly good things. It's all about outrage and how to be more outraged than everybody else. We grab onto that like some sort of marathon baton made of noble gold when it's all really made of broken glass, feces, and bees. React to the bull shit, but find your inner power to compose yourself and make something happy happen. 

All of that easier said than done AND not a fix for every situation, truly...but it really can happen for most daily situations that we allow to balloon into Facebook sized emotional fiasco and it will make a grand positive difference in your life.

Being an adult - or a functioning human being, really - sucks, but you got this. <3 You can still be silly, creative, and a little nuts and still make adult decisions. 

I know other cool shit happened this year. I've been busy, so my brain is a little mushy :)

What Does 2019 Look Like?

MORE STREAMING ON MIXER - I'm working on reshuffling my schedule around this commuter shit show and 2 Dungeons and Dragon campaigns. In fact, I'm planning on streaming tomorrow (Sunday Dec 30) with time and game TBA. Follow me on Twitter for updates on that. 

My convention schedule has been severely reduced. I find no joy working crews for the gigantic shows anymore. With the exception of RTX (which I will work and love and cherish until my dying day!), I will only be working booths. I will be working for Zen Monkey at Emerald City Comic Con! Other than ECCC and RTX, who knows what show I will end up at! And maybe I can COSPLAY! Who wants to see a chubby almost 40-year old wear a funny costume because I KNOW I DO <3

No Disneyland trip on the schedule *pouts and kicks rocks*

Working on my webpage. I am not a web designer...like, at all. Stumbling through that as best as I can :)

I turn 40 in July...which is totally weird because I still don't understand what 40 is supposed to feel like or be or whathaveyou. Maybe a theme birthday party is in order...

Ok. I typed a lot. I have to type about other things on other platforms - RTX stuff! woot! - and get ready for hosting a D&D game tonight.

Much love to you all <3