Hello community!

We wanted to let you all know about the guidelines we have in place for reaction videos involving gen:LOCK. If this is your first time delving into reaction videos, or if you need a refresher, please read our Content Usage Guidelines and become familiar with the policies and processes defined there.

That said, we are happy to inform you all that the guidelines will not be changing. However, with all the hype we have seen in the community, we do anticipate a high volume of Fan Projects being created. We do ask for your patience as we run Content ID when your videos are uploaded as response time to disputes could take a few weeks to complete. We will do our best to comb through all the videos that come our way. This has been said many times, but we are incredibly lucky and grateful to have such a passionate and supportive community.

To celebrate the premiere of this awesome show, we will be hosting a launch party today, January 26th, at 11am CT right here on roosterteeth.com/live. Please join us in chat, hang out, have a good time, and the let the good times roll!