I’ve said it before, but it’s never been more true: now is the best time ever to be on Rooster Teeth, especially if you’re a FIRST member. My entire focus of 2019 is making sure you have reasons to use Rooster Teeth and your FIRST membership every day.

To help with that, this year the RT app and website will give you more exclusive content than it ever has. We’re releasing 52 consecutive weeks of premium exclusive content for FIRST members, and a ton of new content for those of you who watch for free too. I’m talking about gigantic, show stopping, gotta watch ‘em original TV shows, a bunch of movies and TV shows made by friends of ours that we love, and even more great perks.

That starts of course with gen:LOCK, the biggest animated show we’ve ever made and the linchpin of our year. If you haven’t watched episode 1 yet, you’re missing out on something unbelievably special!

  • This Friday Feb 1 Theater Mode returns with 6 new episodes featuring Achievement Hunter! The list of movies starts with 2 AUX episodes including Pacific Rim, and then gets into a few you’ve asked for, so remember: you did this to yourselves.

  • Also starting February 1, our linear channels will enter the final phase of beta. All channels will combine into one, 24/7 FIRST exclusive channel, RTTV, with daily programming blocks dedicated to Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and all our other partners. All live broadcasts and game streams will soon air inside RTTV - one single home for all your linear channel needs!

  • February 8 is the triumphant return of RT Shorts!

  • February 14, BLOOD FEST premieres on RT exclusively for FIRST members!

  • February 18, something amazing is happening that I can’t talk about yet!

  • March 9, Red vs. Blue 17 premieres for 12 episodes! It took two seasons for the Reds and Blues to break the universe, but they’re about to discover that things can always get worse.

  • March 13, we unveil The Weird Place! It’s a four episode reality show set in a fictional universe that follows Achievement Hunter as they navigate through a puzzle-based journey that defies the laws of physics as we know them. Success is based on scavenging through the surreal world using multimedia clues and tactile experimentation.

  • March 22, RT Docs: Waiting for the Punchline arrives for FIRST Members! Follow Nick Scarpino as he strives to make his way through the San Francisco comedy scene.

  • April 10, Hardcore Tabletop returns with an all new cast! The season 1 champion defends their title against a whole new crop of competitors playing Monopoly...with real money.

  • The whole month of June, we’re bringing back Pilot Month! Stay tuned for more on what you can expect to see here from all the production teams and more.

  • June 1, Camp Camp returns for EIGHTEEN (YES, 18) episodes! Campe Diem all the way til October!

We’ve got more coming: that’s not even close to everything that’s premiering in just the next few months. Keep your eyes out for more news about a ton of new content from us, plus more from other creators you love, and shows based on IP you love. Hit me with questions in the comments.