Yesterday, we recorded the last episode of RWBY: Rewind Season 2. I was very fortunate to be cast as one of the three hosts of the show, talking about RWBY Volume 6 alongside Chad James and Ellie Main. 

When I was first brought on board to RT, I never anticipated being part of RWBYRW. We did a short playtest prior to me being officially brought on, and I had an absolute blast. I was REALLY nervous, but Chad and Broadcast made everything flow naturally and before I knew it, we were laughing and making jokes just as you see on the show proper. I even asked Barbara for advice, and the ever loving angel that she is offered helpful insight and much support for me. 

I had done more than a few vlogs in my day, but I never really got to see myself on camera like this and work with an actual Broadcast team. When I got the news that I would be joining Chad and Ellie, I was both ecstatic and absolutely horrified. More than anything, I wanted to do right by the community. I remember back when RWBY was first announced, and how much hype there was around it. I've kept the show close to my heart since then. I knew how much love and passion people had for the show, and I didn't want to let anyone down. 

We did our first episode on October 29th. Unbeknownst to many, my family was in town for my birthday. I was able to bring them and my partner backstage to watch my first ever RT recording of a live show. They told me I did very well and that they were proud of me. My dad said he remembered back when I was in kindergarten and whenever he picked me up from school, I was always alone and in my own corner. He gave me a big hug and said "now look at you! You're talking to A LOT of people! You've grown up so much!" I'll never forget that. 

For the past 13 weeks, we discussed many topics and  answered as many questions as we could, and above all, just had fun experiencing the show with the community. That was the most important part to me. To be able to enjoy RWBY with everyone in this way was beyond amazing for me, and I am so happy that that we all could analyze, cheer, laugh, and cry with each other as the volume wrapped. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions, joined us in chat, and engaged us with fun and healthy conversation. Your hype posts, happy comments, and overall love for both RWBY and RWBYRW were always highlights of my week. 

You all made RWBYRW fantastic for me. Thank you <3