And on that note I have a question.

So I see a lot of commentary about dick pics on Reddit and other places on the internet.  Since I am old, I have many questions, but there is one that I'm gonna ask the ladies here (I'm iffy about putting this on the Ask the Ladies thread because its a little more vulgar than I am comfortable being:)

 So here's a question: Do women actually LIKE getting them? From what I see online the answer is a big no; however how would the phenomenon be as popular if it didn't work out occasionally? My only frame of reference as a guy is to ask myself the question if I would enjoy women sending me...what...tit pics? the hypothetical answer (assuming that I didn't have a moral or ethical objection to it) would be, yeah, awesome. The dude in my head that drives my libido has no problem whatsoever with an absolute flood of those things; however he doesn't get to come out and play as his pals reason, ethics, temperance, and modesty keep a tight leash on him.  Now..If I'm thinking about getting a bunch of sausages, I nope out of that...but that's just because I'm not ATTRACTED to sausages. 

But to the question: do women like to have random dudes shoot a dm of their junk?